Monday, June 15, 2009

We are here!

We flew out of CMH on Sunday morning. We were there really early so that we could relax. Then we flew to ATL, were there early as well. We were able to request exit row seats! Yes! The woman who sat next to us was very helpful and kind. We arrived in Bogota a little after 9 pm (They're on EST, but don't do daylight savings, so they're an hour behind us.) We did fine at immigration and customs. We were picked up by our rep, and we went to the hotel for the night. Today we're meeting Lucia and heading over to the house we're staying at! We're pretty nervous....ah make that really nervous! It's hard to eat. :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Off we go!

We're eating breakfast, washing the last dishes and then heading to the airport at 8!! To say we're nervous is an understatement! Our poor dog could hardly sleep last night; I think we were giving off very anxious vibes. We depart CMH at 12, have a layover in ATL, and then arrive in Colombia at 9 pm. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!

We'll try to update at least once a week!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The sizes we're taking...

we've asked lots of people (the kids at school were a great help!!), but I thought I'd put it out to everyone too. We have the height and weight of the kids from April.

H is 75lbs and 4'5"...we're taking a size 4 shoe, size 10 clothes
S is 42lbs and 3'6"...we're taking a size 1 shoe, size 4/5 clothes
N is 38.5lbs and 3'6"...we're take a 12 shoe, size 4/5 clothes
E is 30 lbs and 34.6"...we're taking a 7 shoe, size 2T maybe 3T

Suggestions are welcome! :)

Also, what brand of training undies would you recommend? I've seen some at JCP, but haven't seen them anywhere else. (Maybe I've just looked in the wrong spot?)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Shopping Trip

There's still so many little things we need before we leave, so I headed out this afternoon to go to Kroger, Kohls and Target. Kroger was doing triple coupons, so I wanted to take advantage of that and get toothbrushes, pharmacy stuff, and other items we needed. Then I wanted to price check the mattress covers at Kohls, and price check a swimsuit for H. The mattress covers were buy one get one free! So I bought 4 waterproof ones. Then I headed to Target where I inially wanted to buy another shoe cubby for the front door. But they weren't on sale. So I just kept browsing. I finally found a swimsuit for H for a decent price, boys belts for 2.50 on clearance, and boys shoes on clearance. Our plan is to take a pair of shoes for each of the kids, and hope they fit. :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

9 days until we leave!

Me oh my! Yesterday was the last day of school and today was the teacher workday. S came in to help me move all my boxes and furniture. Around 10 teachers were switching classrooms, so it was great to have his help. We had my classrom and 3/4 of another one moved within 3 hours! :0 It was strange to walk out of my classroom and know that I won't be unpacking it in the fall. Strange, but VERY welcome!!!

The race is on now to get everything on our checklist accomplished before next Saturday!