Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Referral: One Year Ago

Not an anniversary I ever wanted to end up the way it has. Last year, we were getting ready, furiously, to become parents. I was filled with hope, excitement, joy, anticipation... Now, our house is still empty, but looks exactly the way it did a year ago...ready for children. I've never felt like it was "time" to do anything other than just leave everything the way it is.


Wendi and Benjamin Wood said...

at some point, sister, you must release the pain... dont hold onto it. it will kill you... let it go...not the memories, or the love, but the pain, all of it. they are in god's hands. praying for the fresh renewing of the holy spirit to lift you up today... to heal your broken hearts; to ready you up to bring kids into that home again... prepare yourself. get ready. god always brings us THROUGH the valleys... we aren't supposed to stay there... you're coming out... so get ready! =) love ya! wendi

Renee said...

I can understand that.

Tim and Anne said...

Our referral came on Halloween (of all days to get a referral) in 2008. I think the only emotion I felt was fear (are we ready for this?) followed by panic (because I didn't know how we were going to get everything done in time).

You seem to have handled the news of your referral much better than I did :).

Sending a big cyber-hug to you sister. I know this must be a tough anniversary for you.