Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This week has been rough. I was getting in my car yesterday when I realized I needed to scrape my windshield. It's that time of the year in Ohio when you don't know if you'll need a T-shirt or an ice scraper. Anyway, yesterday I needed an ice scraper. But all the seats were down in the back of my truck, and the scraper was stuck under them. As much as I lugged at the seats, I couldn't get them up.

There are so many things in life I can't do anything about. And sitting, waiting for them to work themselves out gets me so frustrated, angry, or even livid. I drove to work with clenched teeth saying, "I won't let this dictate my emotional regulation. Nope. Nope" (yes, I did say emotional regulation to myself...)

Yesterday was also one of the ninos' birthdays. Those days are always rough.

I made it through though. Maybe not as gracefully or as regulated as I would have liked, but that's the case sometimes.

And now I eat my coconut M&Ms.