Saturday, April 19, 2008

Biometric Capturing

That sure sounds funny! I think I'm going to go around telling people that "my biometrics need capturing" just to see the looks on their faces! Ok, maybe I won't say that, but it would be funny! All it means is we are getting fingerprinted by The Department of Homeland Security. I loved the paper it came in. It had The United States of America in that dollar bill style font. It was cool!

Our appointment is next Saturday, April 26th. That is great because neither one of us have to take off work! The first appointment time was for this past Thursday and it was too close to OAT time. So I requested another time. The only drawback is once they've done the fingerprinting, it has an expiration date. We are allowed one free extension. Sooo, I am sure hoping that we can finish this adoption within that timeframe. (I forget how long the biometrics are good for.)

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