Friday, March 27, 2009


Lover passed away yesterday. My mom and I had both gone to the hospital right after work to be with her. Other family had visited throughout the day, and I don't think she was ever alone her last hours. On Wednesday, nearly all the family was there in the evening to be with her. I was able to tell her that she was finally going to be a great-grandma. I have looked forward to telling her that for years now; and in fact, the last true conversation I had with her a week or so before she went in the hospital, was about how she was excited for us and she knew we'd been waiting for a long time to become parents.

Even though she couldn't see them, I took the pictures with me yesterday to show her the pictures of the kids; trusting in faith that we would indeed be matched with them.

I love you, Lover and will miss you.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

:) Guess what? ;)

We just found out today that our dossier is APPROVED!!!!!! It's being sent to the Bogota office where they'll get updated info on the kids we've requested and hopefully match us with them!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Back in the hospital

My grandma was discharged on Thursday, but was again taken to the ER today with congestive heart failure. Since she has more advanced dementia, it's hard to know if the last time I see her will be the last time she remembers who I am, or if she really remembers who I am and just knows she recognizes me.

I guess that's all I have to say...I continue to pray for our children and their future life with us and that I will continue to honor God with my life; amidst the pain of waiting for our kids and knowing Lover is most likely not going to be with us for very long.

"count it all joy when you have various trials, for the trying of your faith works patience..."

Thursday, March 19, 2009

UnBeef Stroganoff

I've recently tried out some ground turkey from Aldi. It's super cheap at about 1.25 a pound or something. I used it in tacos....and it made for a more tender taco meat. Tonight, I used it in Beef Stroganoff...but I guess I can't call it "Beef" anymore! It had a little different flavor of course, but was still very good.

But it's all top secret! None of the people eating knew! ( tee hee hee).

In other news, there is no news. :( I am now shamelessly checking my email every time my groups switch at school. I don't even know if the "you're approved" notice will come by email!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


That's what I've called my grandma since I can remember. It came about because she'd call me up on the phone and say "Hello little lover" and I'd reply back "Hi Lover". I was probably 3 or something. As I got older, it's what all of my brothers and sisters call her. Now to some, it might sound odd, but to us it is her name.

Sadly, Lover was admitted to the hospital last Friday with breathing problems. They've since found out that her heart is having great difficulty.

We don't know if she's put her trust in Jesus or not, so it makes it all the more difficult.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Pilin' it up!

No, not because I think there's going to be a "run" on toilet paper anytime soon. But, I figure in the first month we're home with the kids we may go through at least a roll of tp a day...30 rolls in a month is a lot more tp than now!! I'm buying it now (some of it was free with coupons!) so that i can hopefully keep buying it on sale and not pay $$$ cause we have a tp shortage! I'm doing that with bandaids, shampoo, toothpaste, soap and anything else I think we'll use a lot more of. It's so fun!

My Momma taught me well!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My most favorite moment of the late winter is the day the greening starts. At first, when you look out over the grassy yard or playground the grass is just a dull, lifeless, snow-trampled, sickly almond colored brown. But wait? Is that a fleck of green I see? The next day, there are more flecks of green. Right now, there's enough green showing that the green flourescence is just a few days away. Soon the yards will look so green that they'll nearly look fake. I love it!

I emailed CHI yesterday because I just couldn't stand it anymore. We didn't learn anything new about our paperwork, only the timeframe that it falls into. According to that, ICBF should be reviewing our dossier here within the next month. My only question is, since they've already looked at it, does that mean they'll make a decision sooner since they have already looked at it?

Friday, March 6, 2009

A small connection

So as I've been having trouble with the wait this week, I realized that with the warmer temps today and this weekend, they could be near what it's like in Colombia. So I decided to check it out. had "mytown" Ohio at 55 with 88% humidity. Bogota had...55 with 88% humidity! Wait, can that be right? I click "back" and "forward" to check if the page reloads with different numbers. Nope! We have the same weather as our kids!! Yeah, I may be a little too excited about it, but it's a connection...and right now I'll take anything. :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I can hardly stand the wait...

I wanna go to Colombia!!