Tuesday, March 17, 2009


That's what I've called my grandma since I can remember. It came about because she'd call me up on the phone and say "Hello little lover" and I'd reply back "Hi Lover". I was probably 3 or something. As I got older, it's what all of my brothers and sisters call her. Now to some, it might sound odd, but to us it is her name.

Sadly, Lover was admitted to the hospital last Friday with breathing problems. They've since found out that her heart is having great difficulty.

We don't know if she's put her trust in Jesus or not, so it makes it all the more difficult.


Em and the Fam said...

I will be praying for Lover. She has a special place in my heart through the stories you have told, and the brief times I have met her.

Love you!

Brody's Mom said...

We'll say extra prayers for all of you!

Hugs and love,

Wendi & Benjamin Wood said...

What precious memories...and how much more it is important to make sure you share with your gram, your "lover" how Jesus has changed your heart and he can hers...

I will be praying for boldness and courage for you! You can do this! At least then you will have no question about whether or not she was told or if there is a relationship. Don't let fear stop you. I'll be praying for ya sister! Sometimes evangelism is hardest when we're sharing with people we know. My mom was very shy about sharing the gospel; she began taking care of my uncle before he died so he wouldn't have to go in a nursing home. He was a very good man. But man's standards are not God's, and my mother got bold and asked him point blank one day. He weeped with her. He repented of his sins, and accepted Jesus Christ as his savior right there in the bed that he died a few days later. It was a beautiful moment. My mom was able to reassure other family members who questioned it... that he indeed was part of the family of God! Anyways, I'll be praying. God can heal her and heal her heart. Keep us posted!

wordsmith said...

I love the nickname for your grandma! I will be praying for her - and for your family :)