Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My most favorite moment of the late winter is the day the greening starts. At first, when you look out over the grassy yard or playground the grass is just a dull, lifeless, snow-trampled, sickly almond colored brown. But wait? Is that a fleck of green I see? The next day, there are more flecks of green. Right now, there's enough green showing that the green flourescence is just a few days away. Soon the yards will look so green that they'll nearly look fake. I love it!

I emailed CHI yesterday because I just couldn't stand it anymore. We didn't learn anything new about our paperwork, only the timeframe that it falls into. According to that, ICBF should be reviewing our dossier here within the next month. My only question is, since they've already looked at it, does that mean they'll make a decision sooner since they have already looked at it?


Jenn said...

Praying and hoping with you that it's sooner!!!

Donna said...

I can tell you from our experience. ICBF requested additional information from us and we sent it the last week of March. When they had their adoption meeting on April 24th they matched us with 3 children. We did not get our approval from ICBF till May and then our referral came in June and the referral talked about the April 24th meeting when they matched us. It takes time to get all the legal documents in order for all this to happen. But with that said. I agree that you should be hearing something within the next month. Hang in there. Donna Krebs