Monday, July 20, 2009

A Drive to Illinois

This past weekend, we drove to IL to celebrate Granny's 90th Birthday. It was a difficult weekend. Right before we left for Colombia, we'd heard of the plans to have this party for her. Of course we wanted to go, but didn't know if we'd even be back from Colombia in time.

But we were. And to be there without our kids was really hard. Taking pictures without our kids was really hard. And I couldn't make it through the picture with Granny, Mom and my sisters...because H wasn't in the picture with me.

Sunday was our anniversary, and to our stunned surprise, the radio played the song we were supposed to have danced to at our wedding! (The music didn't work at the reception.) And then when we arrived home, there was a package from Em. Em, it is absolutely beautiful! I cut out the note on the envelope and put it inside. Very timely indeed. :)


Wendi & Benjamin Wood said...

hang in there, girlie! love ya!

Em and the Fam said...

So glad you liked it... and got it just in time for your anniversary! I love ya, Ang!