Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Job

This is the last year I'm going to teach for a while. My certificate expires and I didn't take the classes to keep it current because we were paying for an adoption (and knew i wouldn't be going back to work anytime soon) But, I just don't really want to teach anymore right now. For a lot of reasons, but few that i can actually articulate.

So I have to do something else.


Tim and Anne said...

Read a book called "48 Days to the Work You Love".

Wendi and Benjamin Wood said...

Hoping u find peace and a new beginning that u find fulfillment and joy once again... and knowing u will. much love, girlie!

Renee said...

How exciting. I pray you find new work that you enjoy even more. Blessings.


Brody's Mom said...

Enjoy your next adventure - whatever it may be. I think of you very often and keep you in my prayers.
Love you,