Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We took a real live vacation this year. We flew to San Antonio for a few days. It was so pretty! I know everyone who goes talks about the Riverwalk, and no wonder! It's magical! We also drove up to Austin to see Juni*r Br*wn play at the C*ntinental Club. (He sings "You're wanted by the po-lice, and my wife thinks you're dead." among others.)

Then we came back home for a night and drove to NW Ohio the following morning. It was a great week!


Tim and Anne said...

We went to San Antonio in January 2002. Did you know that they "drain" the river to clean it right after New Year's Day? It was a big mud pit with puddles when I saw it :-(. Someday I hope to see it with water!

Em and the Fam said...

Your pictures are beautiful! Wish I could've caught you between flights! We have yet to go to San Antonio, but I think we'll make it there soon! So glad you had a real vacation!!!