Friday, April 24, 2009

Oh the beautiful sunshine!

I seriously miss my Florida sunshine. So when we get it here in Ohio, I just soak it up! The 4th graders finished their state achievement tests today, so when my testing group finished early, I took them outside for a little "recess makeup" (some of them missed it due to taking the test ALL day long) Oh it was glorious! Bright blue sky, sun and a stiff breeze made for a wonderful 80 degree day!

Tonight we're going to a baseball game in the brand new baseball stadium. It's a lot smaller than usual, but it has that small, heritagey feel. (heritagey is a new word :0 )

Ahhhh, sunshine!


wordsmith said...

I like that...heritagey :) Thanks for going with us :)

Brody's Mom said...

Now I feel guilty soaking up these Florida rays! The next time you need some, let me know and I'll send it that way!

-Meredith :)