Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Break!

Let the rest-of-the-school-year-planning and house-prep-for-children begin! I need to make a list of what needs to be accomplished this week:

1. closet organizer in "green" room
2. closet organizer in front hall closet
3. find dressers for the kids...I guess they do need somewhere to put their clothes
4. toy storage
5.plan for the rest of the year and plan plans for a sub...if I end up needing one (there's that planning for planning again. ;)
6. Maybe organize the basement ( has spideys)
7. plant some peas and spinach

So here's a funny tidbit. I was at Target the other day and saw those dollar bins. They had rubber squish balls there. I thought "Hey these would be great, packable, light toys to take"...and then I procedeed to only buy two. "Hello!! You're going to have four children!

Oh, and someone is coming to look at our Jeep for sale. Please pray that it sells soon!

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