Wednesday, May 27, 2009

18 Days until we leave!

Oooooh buddy! Our weekend proved to be very productive. S did some maintenance on our cars, we drove to NW OH, came back and got to work on rearranging the house. We put up the shelving in H's closet, and sorted through the clothes and washed what needed to be washed. It's surreal folding their little clothes!! And they sure are little! We put the booster seats in the car so they're now out of the living room.

This week I'm bringing home my things from school; I'm not sure where I'll put it all yet though. I still have to paint the last bookshelf for the living room. There will be no shortage of books in this house!

Our travel phone call is on Friday. We're putting together what luggage we'll take, so that we can start packing and weighing. Suggestions on where to put the laptop/camcorder/camera are welcome...we don't know if we should get a laptop bag and put the other 2 in another carryon, or if we should look for a bag that is a carryon/laptop/clothes/camera all in one deal. (we've never flown with this much "technology" before. ;)


Brody's Mom said...

Sounds like it's time for a "mom bag!" My friends love to make fun of the fact that my purses that I carry to work are so big, and often times there's a spare diaper and wipes in it. But, they are great to have when you need to hold a lot of stuff - like cameras, crayons, and even laptops! Welcome to the club of schlepping kids' stuff everywhere!!! It is so worth it! :)

One real suggestion would be to get a padded laptop sleeve, a small camera case that will hold your camera(s), and put it all in a functional tote - that has more room on the way there than you need. You'll wind up having to tuck much more stuff in the top to keep those babies happy on the plane!

So excited for you!!

Meredith :)

Dan & Karen said...

We put our laptop in a backpack and our camera/camcorder in a carry-on. Backpacks are going to be great since you're going to have many hands to hold!

Genece said...

Getting so much closer! YAY!!!! Keep in mind that whichever bag(s)you decide on for your electronics equipment, you're required to remove the electronics from the bag at every airport security checkpoints. For us it would have been much easier to consolidate one carry-on piece. Instead, our electronics items were stuffed into 4 different carry-ons, which created a fiasco upon our return trips trying to corral 3 kids and a baby through airport security. Good luck! EXCITING!!!

teamhuerta said...

We purchased a North Face Backpack that had the spot for a lappy (he carried that bag, which also included the travel toiletries, travel book/reading material/adoption papers, and anything else we needed as carry-on). Then I carried a camerabag that is also a backpack style! Worked great! All hands were free! Both still are used regularly for travel and outtings:)