Friday, May 29, 2009

Received the visas!

Yesterday when we returned home from my sister's graduation party, a FedEx evelope was laying on our doorstep. I'm not sure why the envelope wasn't inside the storm door...but oh well. It didn't get wet. Inside were our passports with visas...and they sent our original child offer letter back to us! How nice!

Thank you everyone for suggestions on what kind of carry-on and how to lug all our stuff around. With all of your suggestions I think we've figured it out! (And of course, I'll take any excuse I can get to buy a new bag!! :) )


Em and the Fam said...

Its getting closer!

wordsmith said...

Excellent news! I wonder if you can't find a Vera Bradley bag to accommodate your technology stuff :)

A said...

Well, I tried good ole Vera, but she let me down. I went with a courier style pack instead. It had lots of pockets. :)