Sunday, June 7, 2009

Shopping Trip

There's still so many little things we need before we leave, so I headed out this afternoon to go to Kroger, Kohls and Target. Kroger was doing triple coupons, so I wanted to take advantage of that and get toothbrushes, pharmacy stuff, and other items we needed. Then I wanted to price check the mattress covers at Kohls, and price check a swimsuit for H. The mattress covers were buy one get one free! So I bought 4 waterproof ones. Then I headed to Target where I inially wanted to buy another shoe cubby for the front door. But they weren't on sale. So I just kept browsing. I finally found a swimsuit for H for a decent price, boys belts for 2.50 on clearance, and boys shoes on clearance. Our plan is to take a pair of shoes for each of the kids, and hope they fit. :)


janine said...

Hope things continue to go well as you get ready to go! I remember finding shorts on clearance for 50 cents/pair at Kohls right before we left! One thing we drove all around for were swim floaties . . . couldn't find them anywhere! (we left the end of January). Little did we know that they were readily available and very cheap down there! Oh, well!

Thinking of you and hoping you find all you need and that packing goes smoothly . . .

The Jensen Family said...

Wow, you have been busy! It's a great risk to take to pack some shoes. They were expensive, at least in Bogota. This time next week. . . oh, how exciting!


deanna willett said...

How exciting! Soon you will be in Colombia with your little ones. Good luck on the shoe thing. Angelica was 18 months old. Everyone told us to take size 8's. Well she's been home 3 years now and still is only in a 5/6. At 18 months she was wearing 6-9 months and is still wearing the outfits we took to Colombia.
We can't wait to follow your trip.