Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The sizes we're taking...

we've asked lots of people (the kids at school were a great help!!), but I thought I'd put it out to everyone too. We have the height and weight of the kids from April.

H is 75lbs and 4'5"...we're taking a size 4 shoe, size 10 clothes
S is 42lbs and 3'6"...we're taking a size 1 shoe, size 4/5 clothes
N is 38.5lbs and 3'6"...we're take a 12 shoe, size 4/5 clothes
E is 30 lbs and 34.6"...we're taking a 7 shoe, size 2T maybe 3T

Suggestions are welcome! :)

Also, what brand of training undies would you recommend? I've seen some at JCP, but haven't seen them anywhere else. (Maybe I've just looked in the wrong spot?)


Donna said...

I think you are very close. My youngest is 29lbs and 35 inches and mostly wear 3T but he pants or short or shirt must have the inside buttons to make the waist smaller. She wears a size 9 shoe. 7 might be a bit small or will be soon.

My son is 43lbs and 44 inches tall. He wears 5/6 pants and shorts with the inside buttons and a 6 shirt. He is wearing size 13 shoe.

My oldest is only 55 pounds not sure how tall and is starting to wear size 8 so I am not sure on your oldest. She is wearing size 1 shoe.

Good luck and look forward to following your blog.

Donna Krebs

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been following your blog as I wait for my own neices/ nephews to arrive from Columbia. I have a 3 year old who is the same size as E and she wears 3T in pants and shirts. She also wears shoe size 7. She only recently became potty trained. We found that the thicker training pants made just as much of a mess as the regular "big kid" undies. So we used the 3T/4T undies and then pull ups (generic brand works fine) for bedtime, naps, or when we're out and about. Congrats on your little ones and good luck getting everything ready!

Dan & Karen said...

The sizes sound good. Those adjustable waist pants are wonderful! We took sweat pants also which are easy since they can be a little big and still be ok.

Anonymous said...

An absolute must - adjustable waist bands! My boys (12 and 9) have never used the zipper in their pants. We have to buy for length (even though they're short for their age) and then adjust the waist to accomodate (even if we buy slim cut jeans). Even with the adjustable waistbands, they still slip their pants on - without undoing the button and zipper. Good luck to you and your new family - we're waiting to adopt a little girl from Colombia. . .