Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Furniture and Fun

The past two days I've spent cleaning out the tan bedroom and actually setting up the beds that have been stored in there since last summer. Now the green room looks like a bedroom and the tan room is slowly looking like one.

And sis and I went on a mega shopping adventure today. The JCPenney outlet is on the other side of town. There is a regular outlet and a furniture outlet. The furniture outlet is awesome!!! Rock bottom prices for nearly perfect furniture. We oohed and ahhed.

Then we went over to the main outlet. It's huge and our big reason for going was shirts for 2.99. Also, sis needed to look for a sofa slipcover for mom. We found one that is perfect! We went to the back of the store, which happens to be my fav place: catalog returns. Now some of the stuff has been used (gross) but others are just waaaayyyy marked down. We found a 2 piece loveseat slipcover for 9.99 and a chair slipcover for 7.99. Pretty good! I don't actually have a loveseat, or a chair, but craigslist does! ;)

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