Friday, July 11, 2008

Glorious Summer

I absolutely adore summertime. I crave it actually. Well, Wednesday I started priming the bookshelves and made the mistake of not opening the windows when i started. It was hot and humid and I wanted to keep the ac on so that the primer would dry. Bad idea. After the headache set in, I opened the windows. And glory be! It had actually cooled off outside.

Yesterday I had the windows open all day. It was glorious. The breeze was streaming in, the white paint dried fabulously, and I reveled in the summeryness of it all. So today, I'll leave the windows open again. It's supposed to be near 90 today though, and humid, so hopefully I can get it done in the morning, air out the fumes, then turn the a/c back on in time for the heat wave.

The bookshelves are going to be white (Behr Sateen Lustre- great paint) and the walls are going to be a light sage green. The kitchen cabinets are going to be the same white as the bookshelves. I am not really looking forward to painting those...but I AM looking forward to how beautiful it will look when they're done!!

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Jacq & Jason said...

Sounds beautiful. We love summer time too. We also leave our windows open during the summer and run our attic fan. We just love it! Enjoy painting and preparing for you littleones.
CHI waiting family.