Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Thrills and the Chills

Well, we had it all at Cedar Point yesterday. Fog, sprinkles, chilly breezes, rain, HAIL. Wait, hail? Yessiree. It hailed. Around lunchtime it started to sprinkle and then rain a little. It let up, but the rides all had to be test run before they'd let people on after the rain. Well we showed up to Mean Streak just as they were letting people in again. The line was short, and we were waiting underneath the covered walkway......when it began to sprinkle, then rain for about 15 minutes or so. Then the thunder and lightening cracked, the wind picked up and the hail came down!

First it was little hail; about a pencil eraser or so. Then there were hail pieces that ranged from a dime to a nickel. Thankfully we were under the covered walkway and stayed mostly dry. We waited about a total of 2 hours until the storm blew over and the ride was opened. Then the sunny sky came back!! (The middle picture shows a piece of hail)

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