Thursday, July 10, 2008

The ticker started over

Some of our projects for the next couple of weeks are:
Remove the freestanding wood fireplace.
Prime the bookshelves...again. done
Paint the bookshelves.
Wash and paint the living room.
Wash and repaint the kitchen.
Tackle painting the kitchen cabinets.
Make a bunch of desserts for the show.
Sell stuff I don't want to look at anymore on Craigslist.


wordsmith said...

What colors are you painting? Thank you for dropping by and leaving encouraging words for me. I appreciate it! See you soon!

Rick & Genece said...

Yes, your ticker might have started over, but I remember it to be far more than a year ago since you've waited for your children. If I'm remembering correctly you've been involved in the desire to adopt just after I began the process 2 and a half years ago.

I'm praying that God open the doors for your family and reveal His will. May your longings soon become not just a dream but a reality. God knows the desires of our hearts and He's the great deliverer! He sure has blessed us and I know your time is soon forthcoming! Good luck in your fundraising endeavors!