Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dossier almost on its way

I wanted to get it mailed today, but after going to Staples to print off the ICBF picture page, it was already 4:55. No time to get to the post office! Not to mention the fact that I forgot to take the address with me! So I'll take it tomorrow.

After nearly 2 years, our paperwork is done. We've been doing it so long, it's hard to actually let it go! My stomach was in knots today as I was getting it ready. I kept thinking, "do I really have everything?" "Really?" I'm sure tomorrow I'll be the same way when I mail it. It seems surreal that the time has come. I just have to take peace in knowing that it still rests in God's hands.


Jenn said...

WA-hooooooooooooo!!!! That's fantastic! Can't wait to hear it's landed in Colombia and being translated! :)

Chris L said...

My wife and I just sent our Dossier off three weeks ago. It really is a strange feeling to get it done!