Monday, December 15, 2008

My Top Ten

I was tagged for a Top 10. So here are some interesting things about me!

These are in no particular order.

1. Clothes that fit me. I love Gap. So far they're the only place that really truly fit. It's glorious to have them fit properly!

2. Clean Sheets. I don't know what it is, but I love getting into a bed with clean sheets. When I we go to hotels, I'm in heaven because I can have them clean every day!
3. Vera Bradley. I love color and patterns and fabric. And those purses are all 3.

4. Lipstick. Growing up watching my grandma reapply has turned me into a lipstick girl. If I wear any makeup at all, it's always lipstick.

5. Freshly vacuumed carpet...ok, a whole freshly cleaned house! It just makes me completely relax.

6. Starbucks Coffee. I looove it. Every morning I wake up to it brewing in the kitchen. S always makes it first thing.

7. Driving fun cars. This includes brand new ones as a rental or test drive, or vintage ones. I loved driving Grandpa's 50 Dodge Coronet. That's how I roll, yo. ;)

8. Sparkly earrings and necklaces. My kids at school have even noticed this and one girl gave me a faux special occasion necklace! It was so pretty!

9. Good books. Mmm, along with a cup of something warm to drink. I can curl up and imagine my way into another time or place.

10. Comfy, but cute jeans. I love jeans.

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