Monday, October 20, 2008


Well Friday I was finally feeling better after being stuck home for 3 days. (Friday we didn't have school.) I was supposed to take our documents downtown to get apostilled, but as i was putting them in order I realized that one of them had been notarized incorrectly. "Oh my," I said. At that point, I knew I wouldn't be going downtown. I instead called to have the place send me a new paper with a correct notarization. The funny thing is, I don't know why I didn't catch that when I looked it over before, nor do I know why our "RIP" OH agency didn't catch it when they saw it too!

But as it turned out, I had planned way more for Friday than what was actually realistic. (But then again, I'd just done sub plans for 3 days where I'd planned more than what could actually be done in a I guess I was in a groove.)

We got all our stuff packed up to go camping. Oooooh, I was so excited! We were headed to WV to camp in the mountains. It was great fun...except that on Saturday night, the low was in the 20's. I was fuureeezing!!! We woke up to thick frost on the tent, and everywhere. We had good warm sleeping bags that were rated for even colder temps, but I guess I don't maintain heat well or something. It was a blast though. I sure do love camp cooking!

We took Veda the doggie too, and she did great. She'd wander around with us for a while, and then ask to get back in the truck. That's where she spent her time sleeping, and when we hiked up the mountain.

It was a great weekend to just get away and be refreshed. Ahhhhh, when can we do it again! ;)

We still haven't heard about the homestudy agency's approval. At this point, we know that it may well be spring before we get a referral. That's a little hard to think about, but then I remind myself that it probably WILL be spring and so I can look forward to it. I just feel like I'm in this state of emotional hibernation though. I want to be excited about finally having children, but yet I don't want my heart to be wrung out again. So I "hibernate" those emotions.

I have to say though, God has certainly taken care of us the past few years as we went through infertility and the hiccups with adopting. I look back at each struggle and remember, "God took care of us then, and He continues to." It is not easy, and there are lots of times that I just feel like giving into my sinful emotions and thoughts. And sometimes I do when I flat out refuse to turn from the sin.

Trusting God is a narrow path. I fall off a lot. But God is gracious, and all I have to do to get back on is turn my eyes to Him and confess that I can't do this without Him.

Ok, so this wasn't just about camping. :)


kramerfamily said...

Camping, how fun! So fun the first and only time I have been was that trip we took with Westside and I got to share a tent with you!
Glad you feel refreshed. We continue to pray God's blessing upon your family.

Jenn said...

You had a better end to your Friday fun than I did! I LOVE camping. We haven't been since last April and I'm a-thinking it's about that time again.

I got the new copy of one of the documents yesterday and, God willing, will have the second one today so I hope the Sec. of State'll be able to get it done right this time.

In the meantime we're still praying for you and all the steps you need to finish! :)