Saturday, February 21, 2009

Addendum Mailed

We were finally able to get our addendum mailed to CHI yesterday. It's been a week of running around with it though. Tuesday I realized that when I gave the psychologist the CHI address, I didn't specify that he needed to mail it to us so we could get it apostilled. So I called. They said they would mail it. Well, that wouldn't give us time to receive it this week and get it mailed off again. So I went to pick it up on Wednesday.

Thursday I headed downtown to certify and apostille and mail it. But, I ended up taking a wrong turn, which put me headed on one way streets back out of downtown. After driving around for 25 minutes trying to get back to the parking garage (downtown disables L or R turns after 4 pm to empty the area...very frustrating) I finally got there only to realize that my car may be too tall to enter the parking garage! I went home.

Friday, S called and said, wonder of wonders, he was working at the courthouse! Right where we needed to go! We got it certified and apostilled in record time for a downtown jaunt, and mailed off. (we measured the car prior and it fits, with 4 inches to spare.)

Now hopefully we only have to do that one more time for our updated medical letter and fingerprints!!


janine said...

Glad to hear thing are on their way!

I have many *fond* memories of driving around downtown SLC, trying to find the correct buildings where I needed to go to get things apostilled. One of the times, I got on the elevator and realized they had spelled something incorrectly . . . fortunately I didn't go all the way back home before I realized it! It all adds to the adventure of your adoption! ;)

Genece said...

You'll definitely be able to share some interesting stories with your children about the many necessary obstacles you've overtaken to bring your family together. Some day you'll have those babies and you can reflect upon this time with laughter! What exciting times are in your future!

What an amazing time for your hubby to be called onto a job at the courthouse. I love how God gives those little affirmations!

Em and the Fam said...

wow! That makes me tired just reading it!