Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wishin' and Hopin'....

seem to be 2 things I frequently do! We're still waiting for the letter from the psychologist. I had been hoping to have everything sent by yesterday (Friday) but now I'm hoping to have it all sent by the end of NEXT week. All in all, 2 weeks is a pretty realistic timetable of getting an addendum sent back in. Will I be disappointed if it's not sent in by next Friday? Probably a little bit, but then I'll set my sights on the week after that.

I realized yesterday that I have had over 150 weeks of hoping week by week. So hey, what's another week? Oh, and it only takes 3 weeks to build a I guess I'm in the habit of hoping!

On a completely different topic, yesterday marked my 6th year participating in Valentine's Day School Parties. I LOVE IT! Maybe it's because I love pink so much, or my happy memories of those parties, but I love how excited the kids get too. And, I love the little thoughful valentines some of the kids make! One of my students made me a Valentine Bag...complete with my first name on the cut out bubble letters. Quite skillful! I proudly used it...and insisted everyone still had to call me Mrs. D, while dispelling rumors that I had "real name". (As if the one they call me is fake!!? Gotta love overgeneralizations)

It suddenly struck me yesterday though, that my days with these students will probably be ending soon. And I got a little sad. Especially since I heard these remarks yesterday: " I just love coming to your class and learning all about writing! During recess I was thinking about how I could add some more details to my article." During outside recess!!! What more could a teacher ask for?

Oh, and one day I'm going to write a book about all the kid misconceptions I've heard over the years...starting with the one from yesterday:

me: What do you think you know about butterflies?
boy: They suck your blood!
me: Laughing...Oh really? Lets add that to our "think we know" list. ;0

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