Friday, February 6, 2009

Colombia wants more info for our file

so we're gonna get right on that. Evidently there wasn't enough about our decision to move the upper age from 7 to 11 years.

But it was exciting to hear that they're actually reading our paperwork now!!! Our dossier was mailed Dec. 17th, so it probably wasn't even given to a translator until Jan. 1 or so at the end of the Colombian holidays.

I hope hope hope hope we can get the addendum sent mas rapido! Mas prisa, menos hablar! Arriba, arriba!


Ruth (the blogger) said...

angela, i subscribed to your blog awhile ago and my excitement is growing exponentially on your behalf!!! i cannot wait for you to have your children, and i cannot wait for those little children to have YOU!!! you're a very special woman of God.
:) ruth 'mcnutt' perry

Wendi & Benjamin Wood said...

wow...this means just a matter of time, sista!!! so, did you guys request 0-11yrs? did you have to do an addendum is that why they asked?