Saturday, February 7, 2009

Time to fess up...

I haven't said anything about this because, well, giving voice (words) to hopes can be scary if they don't materialize. There's something about writing things down...anyway, in August 2008, we sent a letter to ICBF requesting a sibling group of 4 we saw on the waiting list. The oldest turned 10, so not only did our homestudy need to be changed to to show approval for 4 (the couple month long saga) it also needed to have the age range raised to include her age. That was the impetus in suddenly having our homestudy updated. (Though not surprising, because it's what we've desired since the start.)

Currently, our homestudy approves us for 4 children ages 0-11. Somewhere, there was something that stated we previously were intending to adopt children up to age 7, so ICBF wants to see the preparation and how we came to the decision to go older. I am worried they'll think we haven't done enough.

Since August we've been thinking about these 4 little children, but as of yet, haven't heard if they still need a home. So we wait with great expectation, and continually pray for the Lord's will in our life and these kids' life. With the closing of our homestudy agency looming, it's very easy for me to start worrying about how long the requested info could take and the problems that could arise.

God has been in control, is in control, and will be in control.

So that's the story. :) If you get the noticiero and keep the old ones, I'm sure you'll figure it out. ;) Unfortunately everyone else will have to wait until it's official and we can post pictures....unless you come over to our house.


Jenn said...

I *think* I know the group you're speaking of and I'm praying for you all - even if I'm wrong, God will know the intent of my prayers. I partially know how you feel with the changes to paperwork causing delays and new worries. God's perfect plan never fails. That's what I keep telling myself. :)

Wendi & Benjamin Wood said...

Yes, God is in control! :) Everything will work out... even if those aren't the babies that will come home with you. It's really awesome how God fits the right children with the right family! Praying you make it by April! You guys are awesome!

Genece said...

Our adoption required a little last minute scramble to change the age requirements also, so I can offer up our experience with ICBF, etc. Our homestudy was written and submit in the dossier containing age ranges specifically for a sibling group we were initially pursuing (ages 3 to 9 with at least one sibling a girl). Upon approval with ICBF, they went with an approval of "three children up to age 9" (meaning all ages up to the day before their 10th birthday). We had to scramble quickly to get a home study addendum written to change the ages to fit according to our ICBF referral (boy 9, girl 7, and baby boy 10 months). The home study addendum was written (and changed) mainly to satisfy all ICBF paperwork and specifically the US Embassy documents. As we were changing this, our home study agency did thoroughly question why we did not initially request infant ages. Sometimes it seemed like the more information I presented to the HS agency, the more they got confused or grew weary of our change questioning our intentions, etc. My advice... keep the explanation as simple as can be without losing the context. Good luck! I know you've been at this for a LONG time. Keep the faith!