Friday, November 14, 2008

And it happened again...

We went to Clerk of Courts #2 today. At the previous one, they had called this one to verify that they had the machine to look up the notaries. We got there, and their machine has been broken!!!! But we had enough time to drive downtown to the courthouse CoC. She looked up the notaries, and one of them was expired, but her stamp said 2012! I guess they can get the stamp, but have to apply in person to be verified in the system. Isn't that odd? So basically people can be notarizing without technically being a notary??!!

So unfortunately, we have to get that one redone....and drive back downtown.

We're still waiting for our homestudy to come too.


Em and the Fam said...

Big sigh... SOmetimes its downright comical without meaning to be. You are showing tremendous patience! God must be giving you the very strength you need not to blow a gasket!

Darcy said...

I don't comment a lot, but I constantly check for good news. :) I can't wait to stop by one day to hear it!