Sunday, November 2, 2008

I called

I couldn't stand it anymore on Friday early evening. I had to call our SW. I know it had *only* been 5 days since the last time we'd gotten an update from her, but it was the deadline and I just wanted to know. I'm glad I did too. Evidently, on the 5th they are supposed to have their approval. Then it goes to Cincy to the main office, it's then sent to Columbus for approval, and then sent to the branches. At that point, the director will be able to sign off on our homestudy! So, we should, maybe, possibly, don't-hold-your-breath, have our homestudy mailed to us by the end of the week, or beginning of the 3rd week in Nov.

That would allow us to scoot our dossier in right before the courts go on break for Christmas. That's our prayer anyway.

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