Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Don't tell....but...

I really dislike teaching reading. I don't hate it, but I really would rather not have to teach it. I LOVE to read though. I just don't "get" why kids can't use strategies on their own, or why they don't remember the sound the letter makes, or why they can't put the onset and rime together when they finally figure them out! I just don't get it!! So I get a little frustrated. Kind of a random fact about me.

I am looking forward to reading with my own kids though. I can hardly wait actually, but then I can hardly wait to do a lot of things with them! Show them how to dust, play blocks, build with Lincoln Logs, go to the park, ride in the car, go sledding, show them the lambs at lambing time......

I put my bags in the backseat after work and got all choked up thinking that those seats will soon have squirmy little ones in them!!!

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Wendi & Benjamin Wood said...

Wow! You sound like you are excited or something!!!! :)

It is so fun to read your posts! I can so feel those feelings of excitement and joy rise up within me when we were waiting while reading your posts... please fan the flame... and share your excitement; it is so fun! Love it, love it!!!

I think you will make a fabulous teacher for your kids. I love reading to mine! That's some of my favorite time besides watching them run circles around one another!!! LOL! Oh, and if you have any girlies, must have - the princess and the kiss!

Looking fwd to your next post, and the news of a referral!!!!