Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A little disappointed

I've read both books I bought-Beyond Consequences, Logic and Control. They didn't turn out to be what I thought they'd be. I guess I was looking for them to be more specific and definitive in regards to the "Beyond" part, but they weren't. There also wasn't any new information if one has already read Attaching in Adoption, Weaver's Craft, and Ghosts from the Nursery or Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child.

The format of the book is to give the "traditional view" on handling situations, and the "new view". The traditional view seems to come from quite a few years ago, as nothing I've read so far fits in with the "traditional view" (except Love is Not Enough. That followed the traditional view and was a little extreme. It was really good for getting an idea of the "worst case scenarios" though. She didn't sugar coat) The new view is simply based on attachment theory and brain and trauma research.

I think the author gave some good examples of what not to do, and what to do that will facilitate the parent child connection instead of erode it. I just didn't feel it was concrete and transferable enough to really be helpful as a stand alone resource.

So, I like this book, but I think it would be a good idea to read something a little more technical along with it.

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