Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!

This has been a great winter so far. We've had snow on the ground nearly the whole month of January! And, except for 2 days in the high 60's, it's been below freezing. That's the kind of winter I like. No mud, no freeze/thaw/freeze/thaw/freeze/thaw.

We received about an 1/2" of solid ice early this morning, and then about 6" of snow. So I think we have about 10" or so.

S came home early, so we went out to de-ice the truck and shovel. Well, he shoveled. The other shovel broke so I played with the dog in the snow.

In other news, the Governor gave his speech today, and unveiled his new plan for Ohio's education system. Evidently we're going to be the 1st state to have 200 days of school within 10 years. That's 20 more than now. And, he's enacting mandatory all day Kindergarten, and a new 4 year teacher residency program before one can get their professional license. And he's overhauling the state achievement test along with adding a bunch of requirements for graduating seniors.

It's a LOT of change. Almost a little too much to take in at one time.

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Renee said...

We finally got the snow and ice down here in Cincy. It is absolutely beautiful. And along with it, 2 snow days and a 2 hour delay tomorrow that will prob turn into a snow day. Lovely, quiet, peaceful, white. I love it too.

. . . I wish the Gov. would give us state of emergency for the week of school we had off at the beginning of the year due to the wind storm . . . but if he's aiming for 200 days, no wonder he hasn't granted that. We already go until June 11th this summer . . . and counting. ;-)